Barracuda Networks Instant Replacement

Manufacturer part number BBS892A-H3
Vendor Barracuda

Instant Replacement

"We know how important it is to have 100% uptime in corporate environments. We work hard to build reliable equipment that gives our systems a 99.99% uptime."

We also understand that sometimes equipment can fail. We therefore offer the Barracuda Instant Replacement Service. With the Instant Replacement Service, we provide next business day shipping of replacement hardware.

If your Barracuda Networks product fails, we will ship you a replacement unit within 1 business day so you can get back up and running soon. Replacement requests received outside normal business hours will be considered received the next business day for purposes of shipping date. Actual delivery time will vary based on transit time.

Hardware Refresh

Along with providing priority replacements in case of equipment failure, the Instant Replacement subscription also provides ongoing migration to the latest hardware platforms through the Barracuda Hardware Refresh Program.

Normally, refresh units are purchased for a fee that represents a discount over the list price over a new hardware unit. However, Barracuda Networks will waive this fee if your old hardware unit is more than 4 years old and covered under an Instant Replacement subscription. This means that by maintaining an Instant Replacement subscription with your Barracuda appliance, you can continue receiving a new hardware unit every 4 years at absolutely no additional cost.

With this, the Instant Replacement program provides a single, convenient subscription that covers you in case of hardware failure and provides an affordable way to migrate to the most current hardware platform on an ongoing basis.

- Enhanced Support which provides phone and email support 24x7
- Data migration service for Barracuda Email Security Gateways. Barracuda Networks will assist customers with moving the product configuration from the old product to the new product if the old configuration data is accessible
- Hard Disk replacement on Barracuda Networks models that have swappable raid drives. Barracuda Networks will ship via standard shipping a hard disk replacement. Customer must return the failed hard disk to Barracuda Networks
Compatibility Barracuda Networks Backup Server 892 w/ 10 GBE Fiber NIC
Service time (days x hours) 7x24
Number of years 3 year(s)
Phone support Y
Advance Exchange product replacement (max) 1
Web support Y
Microsoft 3NN-00021 software license/upgrade
One Drive Business/Office Online Open Shared Server SNGL SubsVL OLP NL Annual Qlfd
Microsoft 3NN-00019 software license/upgrade
Microsoft 3NN-00019, 1, 1 month(s)
Microsoft 5S4-00002 software license/upgrade
Azure Subscription Service Open Faculty Shared All Language Monthly Subscriptions-Volumelicense, Aca
Lenovo 4L40G07564 educational software
Stoneware LanSchool K-12 Single School Site Licence (up to 700 devices) in a single primary or singl

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